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Apple’s released iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR handsets that have become a huge leap for

the companies they are few of the best phones in the market. With the help of A12 Bionic Chip they have became one of the

most powerful iPhones ever, they feature one of the best camera with Smart HDR mode.

And now it is Phone 11’s turn to be launched in the market.

There are some rumours about new Apple’s 2019 iPhone named as iPhone 11 or iPhone XI.

The biggest rumours so far is with camera on the device, as the era is changing, they have to

do some thing with their camera. It seems like they are updating their camera lens from dual lens to triple lens. 

Latest News

    • Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims this year’s iPhone will have a 12-mega pixel  camera up front.
    • While the successors of iPhone XS and iPhone XS max will be getting upgradation to triple lens.
    • Apple are slightly late for 5G handsets, because of legal dispute with Qualcomm over royalties.
    • Giving a way for future iPhones to resume using Qualcomm’s modems for 5G networks.
    • There for Apple will launch their 5G handsets in 2020.

iPhones release date

Apple follows almost a similar pattern in announcing their new iPhones and releasing their new iPhones

for the sale. According to the pattern which Apple follows for their new iPhone it shows Apple will accept

preorder after 3-4 days and after one week it might go for sale.


Apple’s new iPhone offers solid cameras, but they are not one of the best camera phones

out there. Camera must perform best in low lighting where flagship mobile like Google Pixel 3 and

Huawei P30 Pro give their best shot.

One of the popular iPhone rumour is that Apple might opt triple camera array in its 2019 iPhones.

In May 2018, Deutsche Securities analyst Jialin Lu said that “Apple was planning for its triple lens camera,

in at least one of their model in 2019”

AR has been upgraded in every posts in Apple in recent years, this can also affect the camera technology in 2019’s iPhone

with 3D sensors and improve the iPhone’s AR capabilities .

 Due to the hype of triple lens camera phones in the market Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple may be likely

to introduce triple lens camera in one of its model.

Bloomberg has come up with its own report saying the new iPhones will have three rear cameras which is a standard lens,

supported lens and one tele photo zoom lens.

But the fitting of three rear lens on a mobile wouldn’t look good in terms of design.

But Apple may have come up with a solution, according to Kuo, who says that company might

use a special dark coating to conceal the third lens on the back.


For the supply of iPhone’s processor, Apple is working with Taiwan Semiconductor(TSMC) for years. According to the

industry analyst that won’t change soon.

Those analyst also told EE Times that “ In August, 2018 Apple had already given order for its supply of processors that will

be required in new 2019 iPhones, to TSMC.

We don’t have any leaks about chip which is going to be used, but Apple keeps on increasing the limits of the processors

which makes Apple handsets unique in the market.

The biggest revolution of chip will be in 2020 when Apple will be unveiling 5-nanometer design chip to the

market. Apple will be using their new processor naming A13.

Expectations for 5G

While other companies are offering 5G handsets in the growing market, including LG, Samsung, and OnePlus, it looks

like for the customer that Apple may release 5G handsets in the market by this year. But a report of Bloomberg says

“Apple won’t deliver 5G iPhone until 2020 to the market”.  Due to the legal dispute with Qualcomm, there’s a delay

in releasing 5G iPhones in the market.

While Apple’s current supplier of modem was backing off to its production in 5G modem, but due the dispute being

resolved between Apple and Qualcomm making 5G modem production back on track. A report in information also

states that Apple is looking to develop their own modem for their iPhones, but that may not happen for a few years,

especially after the settlement of legal dispute with Qualcomm.


Most reports in the market suggest that Apple won’t change it’s iPhone design in 2019 compared with 2018 iPhones,

that Apple has released. And it will continue its design same as to 2017 iPhone X, when iPhone was released with a notch on its top.

But Apple may shrink its notch little bit for the user to get flawless display. A report from ET News in January that

“Apple was considering front facing camera and Face ID to be merged and reducing the size of the notch which will look better,

or remove its whole notch factor from it’s phone.”

It seems unlikely, the talk regarding to remove the notch.

A smaller iPhone to the market

For smaller iPhone lovers out there, waiting for an update from Apple revealing its new iPhone SE to the market in 2019 may not be your year. There’s a report which shows that Apple will release a 4.7 inch mobile in market in March 2020.

3D Touch

Since the iPhone 6s Apple has been using the feature known as 3D Touch in its iPhone which gives more contextual menus after hard pressing any icon which supports 3D touch feature in it.

The users are somewhat starting to doubt Apple when they removed 3D Touch from their latest mobile, iPhone XR. At the time Kuo commented were reported by The Verge, saying that “Apple may move away its feature called 3D touch as it adds some manufacturing cost to the smartphones which makes it costly without delivering much value to an iPhone.

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