ktechky Bad News for Google Tablet device fans

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There has been an aggressive competition between Apple’s iPad and Google Tablet in the market. Google decides to back out from the market of tablets in front of Apple. Company has canceled its new under development tablet devices. Instead, Gooogle is going to focus on its new line up of Pixelbook Laptop.

According to the Google hardware team, the company is slowly focusing on building laptops, but it will be carrying up its business with Android and Chrome. Google also noted that there will be no change in the working structure of Android and Chrome OS who will be working with the partners supporting the tablets of all segments of the market. This means the company will continue its support of Android OS with its partners like Samsung, Lenovo, OnePlus, etc. This move of disabling tablet production will not affect  Pixel phones at all.

Google Pixelbay laptop will be Tablet cum Laptop which will be having a foldable keyboard like a tablet .


Noting about the workers who worked on Tablet devices are shifted to Google’s laptop team.


The successor of Google Pixel’s line up release will be shifted to a future date. It means Pixel device won’t be launching now. But its devices released will be getting time to time update, without any issue.

Laptop design

According to Google, the tablet is the devices which don’t have the keyboard attached to it, like Pixel Slate (Google Tablet). Google laptop Pixel Book will not be having a 360-degree keyboard attached to it like a tablet.

Pixelbook is a lightweight laptop which can be carried easily everywhere will traveling too, and doing your work.

Why the company had a reason to shut down the tablet production.

The decision seems to justify that Google tablets did not have noticeable market shares in terms of the tablet.


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