ktechky Bullet Wireless 2 earphones by OnePlus

Bullet wireless 2 earphones by OnePlus

OnePlush released its first Bullets Wireless earphone in the year of 2018. OnePlush revealed its successor as Bullet Wireless 2 this year (2019), it was unveiled at the OnePlush 7 Series launch event with a price tag of Rs 5,990.


Bullets Wireless 2 delivers audio using 10 mm dynamic driver making total of three drivers on each side. They have upgraded the internal hardware of the earphones to have soft trebles and low basses. Sound improvements come in the form of with double the streaming bitrate of audio files to 576kbps from aptX 352 kbps.

Charging technology is upgraded to Warp Charge for fast charging. OnePlush claims than user can hear upto 10 hours of listening with 10 minutes of charge. After the full charge Bullet Wireless 2 earphone last upto 14 hours. OnePlush has used QualComm’s proprietary cVc noise cancellation technology for crystal clear audio.


OnePlus has given the Bullets Wireless 2 earphone a new comfortable design for better fitting in the ear holes . It has the same magnetic pause and play technique like Bullet wireless 1 where user has to clip both the ends of earbuds. To pause the audio and remove the clipping  it to play it vice versa.

Bullets Wireless 2 also charges quickly, double the speed of Wireless 1. It only takes 20 minutes to charge from zero to hundred.


Bullets Wireless 2 it is compatible with Android , iOS devices, Mac and Windows. It has dedicated button to appeal Google Assistant or Siri in iOS for weather updates, reminders, news and many more. If you have got one more firstly paired devices aside it has the very handy feature to switch between the devices.

In the box

In the box, you will get a storage bag, three silicon different sizes of ear tips, one USB charging cable and user manual.

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