ktechkyGalaxy Z flip of $2000 is already breaking the market.

Galaxy fold of $2000 is already breaking the market

Big question is how many times we can fold and unfold a mobile. It will be quite disturbing for user to use. This question will might still bother you in case of Galaxy Fold.

There are some reviewers who got an early access to the Galaxy Fold and are reporting issues of bulging of display at the crease of the screen.

There are only limited stock of devices in the market hence company is not able to solve this problem. They are not able to say that this problem might have accrued on few devices only, or all of the devices they manufactures are of same type. But it’s quite  a big trouble for Samsung because they are asking for a lofty amount of $1980 in market.

Reports of the broken screens

1) From Mark Gurman of Bloomberg and tech, YouTuber named Marqeus Browniee faced broken screen of his Galaxy Fold.  He had the confusion with either the protective layer on his Galaxy Fold is broken, or display is broken.

2) From CNBC’s Steve Kovach tweeted a video where he  had a fold on a display where 7.3-inch display was flickering, and other half of the screen have turned black .

3) From Dieter Bohan of The Verge reported an issue with his Galaxy Fold, near the crease of the phone where it folds, a small bulge is appearing. He writes “It’s just enough to distort the screen, and I can feel it under my finger tips” and continues “ there is something pressing up against the hinge, on the crease.”

Samsung response

On Wednesday night,  Samsung responded, saying that they are looking into the issue. “A limited number of early Galaxy Folds samples were provided to media for reviewing the mobile, we have received a few reports regarding the main display of samples provided,” spokes person of  Samsung also included in a statement. “We will throughly inspect these units in person to determine the cause of the matter.”

Infront of the display it looks like a removable screen protector but its not removable, it’s a layer type of material where adhesives are applied on it and it’s the part of the screen. If you try to remove it because it seriously looks like the removable screen protector you will end up recking the hell out of the phone, and on the crease it feels like there its something stuck between the screen, and if we force it may break the screen.

5 Most surprising things about the samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Z Flip is another flagship mobile in series of galaxy. But Galaxy Fold have multiple issue reporting for screen breaking and screen malfunctioning. And Samsung  says that they are investigating on reports.

Galaxy Z Flip have started the unique feature of  folding phone in the market . It has started the whole new category of foldable phones. Which has an advance hinge and a huge display of 7.3-inches.
But it has sky touching price of $1980.

1)  Shocking concept of naturally Folding Phone for first time.

It’s the Samsung’s first foldable display phone in the market. When you open the phone you can feel a slight amount of tension in dual-axis hinge with interlocking gears.  And when you close back the phone there’s a reassuring and satisfying click from the hinge.

2)  When you turn off the screen application  stops running.

The apps feature on Galaxy Z Flip comes in very handy, but it can be more creative. If you are using an app on the front of the screen say Google Maps and close the screen, but when you reopen the screen it will start from where you have left.  Its quite a seems less experienced.

While the main display is folded, the time and date are shown on the top of the folded display by default.
If you want to use your app at time you have folded the display then you have to check the display settings saying”continue apps on front of the screen”

3)  Strong battery life.

Galaxy Fold has one of the biggest battery you will find in a phone, Galaxy Fold has a exact 4,380 mAh battery , but less than Moto G7 Power with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh.

I’m happy to report that so far the Folding phone is providing us with a strong endurance. After unplugging the pone at 5.30 a.m and using this device doing hell lots of thing such as playing Games,  going through mails,  capturing photos,  but still the battery was down to 60 percent at 8.15 p.m.

4) An unique swiping order.

Either I am looking to increase or lower down brightness or volume we can use quick settings menu on Samsung.  And you are not able to activate the menu while sliding the finger down to bottom at the right portion of the folded display.
You can swipe from middle of the screen but it becomes quit awkward,  for that we can turn on finger sensor gestures under advanced gesture in the phone. You can then just use your thumb on fingerprint sensor to slide up and down with notification panel and quick settings menus.

5) You can use as a laptop some time.

For most task phone are fine, but for viewing larger documents or tweaking articles we have to switch to the laptop, at last.
But with Galaxy Fold in your pocket you can find yourself opening laptop less, and not just because you can run those apps on Galaxy Fold’s screen itself, but it has a huge display of
7.3 inches of a ruler.
This means you can easily view PDF’s on the quick go where on the side you can perform different tasks also.


  • Yet now, till time being we cannot trust Galaxy Fold.
  • Samsung will try to resolve this issue with every device they will manufacture in future.

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