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Apple,Google and Microsoft are stepping in new era, with a vast growth in their technical fields. These three are very powerful companies. Where two of them GoogleI/O and Microsoft Build respectively had a began event in last week. Both the companies were at same page focusing on their customers.

These companies have been making a huge advancement, with in their use of artificial technology. Apple, on the other hand, is still using lock in model for stoping people to adapt change.

Microsoft and Google

I have observed a number of interesting things while watching the Build keynote and I/O keynote. On one side Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s passion was clearly showed on the other side. Sergey Brin Co-founder of Google was just introducing points he didn’t like. As both companies were announcing similar revolutionary offerings.

Google was the first to use open source in their devices, and by considerable margin, Microsoft has matched it, now both the firms are on the same page.

Those companies are getting there with different tools , but concept of building customers are more pronounced at Microsoft than at Google. Google never has seemed to care much about profit becouse its revenue source is coming from search engine, youtube, adds and all, but Microsoft historically is been on product focused.

Collaboration and Hardware

There are some area where Apple,Google and Microsoft company diverges on collaboration and hardware. Google was more about the hardware from its updated Next Hub and Next Hub Max to its new aggressively priced iPhone killing Google Pixel 3a phone.

Better World

Microsoft aims to enable people to make a difference in the world by giving them tools, which they need to execute. This keynote was based on how to build trust, with a significant focus why electing accuracy world wide.


Azure is the name of cloud computing which Microsoft is using, Azure came from AT&T company where they used it for drone tracking and eliminating risk where drone pose to commercial aircraft.


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