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Google has announced Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL availability and prices in India. Google Pixel 2 starting price is Rs 61,000 it will get you 64GB variant. While the 128GB variant is priced at Rs 70,000. In a larger variant, the price of a 64GB variant of Google Pixel 2 XL is Rs 73,000, while the 128GB variant is Rs 83,000
India will start pre-booking of these smartphones 26 October and its sales will begin on November 1. However, Pixel 2 XL sales will start on November 15. Both smartphones will Flipkart, but they can also be purchased from offline stores.

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Google has also launched its laptop in the annual event made by Google with Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is a laptop. It is a convertible laptop named Pixelbook. The company will bring a Chromebook laptop, but this time its name is Pixelbook. It has been the Google Chrome operating system. This is quite different than a typical laptop and has given a number of special features which may find in any other laptop.

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An official of Google said during the launch that it is the first laptop that has built-in Google Assistant. Google Assistant company uses Artificial Intelligence and Personal Assistant feature on the laptop.  With this laptop the company has launched a stylus or pen, which will work with it. Speaking of prices, it has a display of 12.3 inches and it comes in three variants. Its starting price is $ 999 (Rs 65,000).
The pen is not free with Pixelbook we have to pay $ 99 for customers to buy it (about Rs 6,500). It will go on sale, on October 31, but it has pre went bookings. The laptop offers quad HD display in Pixelbook and has two processor options. This means that you can purchase if you like it with the Intel Core i 5 or Core i7. The company claims it can run up to 10 hrs when fully charged.


It comes with SSD of 512GB, it has installed RAM up to 16GB. A feature of this laptop is that it has been an instant charging ring feature. Through this, it will connect yourself with your Pixel smartphone. The Wi-Fi in the absence of it will use the Internet of Pixel phone. During the launch, the company said that will run all applications of mobile on the laptop. For it is to the Android smartphone as it will support the Google Play Store. This means you can use the rest by downloading apps like Android smartphone. The company also used as Productive laptop which can run tools such as AutoCAD. With it can not just drawing by receiving a pen, but it can run a task in many other ways.
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