ktechky Huawei ban: why they are under fire?

Huawei ban: why they are under fire?

The Chinese telecom Huawei industry is running into its biggest trouble in the year 2019.  Late January the US Justice Department filed a complaint of alleged theft of intellectual property, obstruction of justice and fraud related to its evasion of US sanctions against Iran. Which was concluded in Huawei ban.

Huawei is making some changes, related to wireless technology, They are worlds No. One telecom supplier and No. 2 in Smartphone maker. Huawei devices are banned in several country including US, to the point that SBI sets up a sting at CES 2019.

The Core issue with Huawei has been concerned with the Chinese government and fears that their equipment can spy on other countries and telecom companies. There is the reason why US banned smartphones using Huawei networking in 2012. the company was added ti the Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security entity list in US on May 15.  It will tough to keep the speed to run with the number of headlines.

Let’s know what happened to Huawei in 2019.

February 4:

A report says FBI raided there  lab and set up a CES sting.

February 6:

US department discourages European country for using the Huawei network

February 17:

UK concluded using Huawei in 5G is a manageable risk.

February 19:

Ren (CEO) sayed “There us no way the US can crush us”

February 20:

Founder Ren say that his daughter was arrested. US started treating 5F like military.

February 21:

Secretary  says countries using Huawei tech poses risk to US.

February 22:

Italian pushed for the ban of Huawei 5G ban.

February 24:

Huawei launched foldable phone.

February 25:

Huawei can face a tech ban in US.

February 26:

Samsung and Huawei settle 2 year old dispute.

March 1:

US warns Philippines against Huawei 5G gear.

March 5:

Repeatedly calls for cybersecurity standards.

March 8: 

Huawei sues the US government love its devices ban.

March 12:

US tells Germany to drop the use of Huawei devices.

March 14:

Now Huawei can’t use android o r Windows therefore they are designing their own Operating System.

May 19:

Google cuts off Huawei phones foe future updates.


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