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Today the topic is of war between iOS vs Android OS. iOS and Android are two operating system software which is used primarily for mobile technology, such as tablets and smartphones. Android OS features are more customizable from top to bottom than the iOS operating system. However iOS elements are designed in such manner that they are more user-friendly than Android.

There are some paid apps which can be cheaper in Android than iOS or vice versa. The Android holds n number of apps in its inventory than iOS, but iOS apps are more powerful and don’t scam users like Android operating system. This is because the Apple developer program cost $99/yr than $20 for a lifetime developer period in Android.

Why iOS are faster than Android

Android is developed by Google and distributed to different smartphones manufacturing companies like Lenovo, OnePlus, Redmi and Apple makes their own device and OS for their smartphones and tablets and doesn’t distribute it to other smartphone manufacturers.

Due to above reason iOS have more stability than Android smartphones because they are created according to the specific devices of their company.

Due to the different companies software some time application may get crashed or slow down in Android but its not the case with iOS devices.

How often does the smartphone get updates for their OS?

Here Apple gives updates their iOS devices for five years consistently, and Android phone doesn’t get such updates if they are flagship models Like Oneplus, Samsung or Google mobiles they are updated only two years only.

You should choose your smartphone and tablets wisely and carefully. If you have Android smartphone and if you jump to iOS then you will have to again buy paid Application, if you had iOS/Android smartphones and you re buying again same OS smartphone, you would be not requiring payment again.


Both the OS have almost same interface that can be used for swiping, tapping, pinch and zoom, but iOS adds some extra interface like gesture control and 3D touch ( which gives extra option when force touched to the app icon).

But every Android smartphone model has a unique interface, which can be difficult to use in starting, but iOS uses has its unique interface which is same in every model which do not make it difficult to use.






OS type



Developed by

File transfer

Available on



Latest version




July 29,2007


Apple Inc

More difficult

iPod, iPad, iPhone

Almost the same no of Apps

iOS 12.3.1 (May 24,2019)




September 23, 2008

Fully customizable


Easier than iOS

Many Smartphones


Google Play Store with 1,000,000+ apps

Android 8.1.0 (May 6, 2019)

So iOS vs Android is a never-ending war.

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