macOS vs Windows which is the best.

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We can’t change any one mind, this post will give just a brief comparison between both OS (operating system) macOS and Windows in the market. There are always comparison while buying the desktop “which one is better, macOS or Windows”. The best way to describe is the difference between both, are the ways of thinkinghow will you use them.

Rather taking this comparison as an argument I will most comparison between main features and at last you can choose the best out of it. For each comparison there will be a winner and we will tally them at the end. The hardware software and the features will involve in the comparison.

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Setting up

You can use both softwares without logging in. Both OS gives you a polished setup feature. They offer a great experience when you sign in. Apple install updates through the System Preferences rather in Mac App Store, but first we were able yo update from Mac App Store . Microsoft lets you install the OS with your voice command using Cortana feature. Both the OS automatically recognise and install drivers for hardware peripherals such as mouse, keyboard and storage peripherals.

Winner: Tie

Logging IN

Both system gives you logging feature for signing in on your desktops. Here Mac offers a touch print scanner on his laptop MacBook Pro, where you can even login to your desktop or laptop by using you Apple watch, iPhone if they are close enough. But Windows 10 offers biometric login options. Windows Hello also supports finger print scanner on laptops such as HP Spectre 13.

Winner: macOS


Apple offers a great computers hardware to the market. But there is the vast selection of hardwareon the Windows side. There are many windows peripherals in the market. As for internal components like CPU, graphics card and storage Windows have the vast number of choices. Windows have the components that are more flexible to upgrade compare to macOS.

Winner: Windows

Preinstalled Apps

Both operating systems offers a best of built in utilities and apps,Here both the OS offers mail, calendars, calculator, web browser etc. Here macOS includes a superior video editor, a streaming music service, it throws the GarageBand application which is use to create musics. Windows throughs Skype a video calling app, where Mac can also have the same app by downloading it through Mac App Store, voice recorder weather and contacts.The macOS offers developers side apps.

Winner: macOS

Third Party Software

Business software application are more supported on Windows, than macOS, but macOS offers a great support to the developer point of view. macOS offers great audio, video, photo editor software then Windows. Windows also boast more option in the field of creativity.

Winner: Tie


Both OS offers a great customisation option for the display. Both OS offers choice in desktop back ground wallpaper, screen item size and screen savers. Dark mode are offered by both the OS now.

Winner: Tie

AI Helpers

Cortana and Siri are the two AI helpers for windows and Macs respectively. Both can open different apps stated to open, they can set reminder, notify about the weather. Now cortanacan send request to the Amazon’s Alexa when you move away from the computer, this featuremakes to win this round.

Winner: Windows

Device Support

Windows are doing great effort in integrating its device to its OS.But macOS are ahead, and integrate it every devices to the iMac, MacBooks. Apple integrate there every devices with each other, macOS allows you to send your text message when they are close to desktops or laptops.

Winner: macOS





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