ktechky Made in India iPhones likely to hit stores next month


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There will be made in India iPhones. As it was very costly to buy an iPhone in India, as Apple sells its iPhone with a conversion rate of $1 – INR 100. Apple has to pay their taxes and custom duty on every device to sell in India. Therefore it charges the iPhone at a high price for selling in India.

India is a huge market for smartphone buyer. Apple did face the problem for increasing its buyers in India, due to the rise in every new iPhone each year. And now the flagship iPhone is priced at INR 1 Lakh in India.

For lowering the iPhone price in India Apple have thought to manufacture the iPhone in India. Apple will remove its manufacturing unit in China as it is not as safe as per USA rules. The company sees risk in manufacturing iPhones in China, as the USA has banned Huawei products in their country.

Apple will manufacture some of its iPhone in India and will hit the stores next month.

Which companies will be manufacturing

Apple has two companies for the manufacturing iPhones one is Wistron and second is Foxconn. They will be set up at a tech hub in Bangluru. AS per the rumors iPhone XR and iPhone XS will be manufactured by Foxconn in India and Wistron has started manufacturing of iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. It makes a huge possibility that Apple will be making every iPhone model in India.

Benefits of manufacturing in India

Jobs opportunity will be increased. The iPhone prices will be having a huge price break down. If Apple manufactures an iPhone in India it will get a huge boost in buyers in India. As it will save high import taxes in India, there will further decrease in cost on the iPhone. Therefore there will be made in India iPhones

What will be affected

The market of OnePlus will be going to be affected, as OnePlus has increased its pricing according to luxury phones. If Apple starts its manufacturing in India, then every one buying OnePlus, Samsung will be buying an iPhone at the same price. Because everyone dreams of buying an iPhone but was not possible due to pricing. But know they will be affordable to everyone in India, consumers will prefer iPhone than Android due to its stability OS that it upgraded every year till 5 years automatically.

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