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According to the Apple iOS 13 is more faster and more responsive, when compared to iOS 12. It is fast in terms while optimisation across the system that will improve app launch, make Face ID faster than ever.


Ever since Apple have released iPhone to the market, it has been always known for its speed. But nowadays every Android phone is trying to beat iPhone on benchmark where many of them do.

Therefore this makes a special section, for this topic in WWDC 2019 .

While announcing iPS 13, Apple’s new operating system for its iPhone, iPad and iPods, company’s vice president (Craig Federighi) mentioned how new OS is faster. The new iOS is 30 percent faster, 50 percent smaller app downloads and 60 percent smaller updates.


Apple is introducing a moe private way to quickly sign into an apps and websites. Instead of using a social account or filling up the login form, verifing password or email ID now with the help of iOS 13. Users can simply use their Apple ID to verify. And Apple will be providing developer a unique random ID.

iOS 13 brings new features to the app that we use on daily basis, with richer updates to photos and maps, privacy protecting features like signing in with Apple.

Dark Mode

Craig Federighi also told how much they are exited to give Dark Mode feature to the customers.

iPhone has a beautiful new look with Dark Mode feature, Dark Mode delivers a great viewing experience, especially in low light environment. Dark Mode will also be available to third party apps, developers are been told to integrate this new feature, with their application which can be turned off and on automatically at a certain time.

More iOS 13 features

  • Reminders will be having a new look and will be offering intelligent ways to create and edit reminders.
  • iMessages can automatically share a user’s name and photo if, number is not saved in contacts
  • Siri will have a new and more natural voice.
  • HomePod can distinguish voices from anyone in the home to deliver requests, delivering messages, music etc.
  • Notes will be having a new gallery view, with shared folders, new search bar and checklist feature.
  • iOs 13 delivers a new gestural typing format.
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