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Few of the best watches that Samsung gave us in recent years are the 

Galaxy Watch and the Watch Active. On testing the Galaxy Watch first 

it was found that it is a great option for Android phone users. The Galaxy

 Watch Active packs a lot of features as it the latest in the market and is

 quite affordable.

We have got two Samsung smartwatches to choose from, but which 

one do we choose and what do we gain or lose by paying more or less?

 This article will help you choose between the two.

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Watch Active: Smartwatch features

Even if these watches has fitness as their focus we can still use them for

 day-to-day activities. Both operate on the latest version of Samsung’s 

Tizen operating system and will work on Android phones and iPhones. 

The perform on different medium is definitely going to differ but these 

watches are best suited for Android phones.

The Galaxy Watch is offered in an LTE variant for a more standalone 

experience, which you don’t get with the Active. Bixby, Samsung’s 

smart assistant is there too, but it is not very good on either of the 

watches. You’ will get notifications, Samsung Pay and onboard storage 

for music including spotify.

Managing notifications is much better on the Galaxy Watch simply 

because you have more screen to use. Viewing and swiping comes 

under same experience. App Store serves with the apps along with 

many major apps and also with few pricey watches faces too. The 

rotating bezel on the Galaxy Watch is our preferred way to navigate, 

but on the whole the experience is very similar across both watches.


Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Watch Active: Fitness features

These watches can help you if your number one priority is to stay in 

shape, basically you are getting fitness-focused features across both 

the watches.

These watches have but GPS, a heart rate monitor, the same indoor 

and outdoor tracking sensors. They also have the swim tracking. We 

also get Samsung’s 24/7 tracking including sleep monitoring, stress 

tracking and inactive reminders. These reminders go one step further 

than those Fitbit and Garmin offer by suggesting simple exercises you 

can perform. The device will then track those exercises until you’ve 

completed them.

It is seen that the Galaxy Watch Active performed better for heart rate 

accuracy in our high intensity tests, while resting heart rate data for 

continuous tracking was reliable on both watches.

We can have a good experience tracking outdoor runs with the zippy 

GPS, and swim tracking is strong too.

One feature you don’t get on the Galaxy Watch is the new blood 

pressure monitoring support that comes on the Active. However, 

their features haven’t been tested properly.


Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Watch Active: Design

Galaxy watch comes in 42mm and 46mm sizes. The 46mm Galaxy 

Watch has design similar to Samsung’s Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch, 

so think it has more outdoor feel to it.

We have the Galaxy Watch Active, which features a 40mm design, so 

it’s significantly smaller than both Galaxy Watch models, with a more 

streamlined look. That does inevitably mean it carries a smaller battery 

than the pricier Samsung smartwatches, but still finds room for a heart 

rate monitor and supports interchangeable bands too. If you’ve got skinny 

wrists or don’t like big, brash watches, this is the one for you.

What we don’t get on the Active is the rotating bezel. It’s a great feature 

and it’s surprising to see it dropped. If you’ve used a Samsung smartwatch 

with that twisty bezel before, you’ll miss it. It’s a good fit for Samsung’s 

watches and while you can get by without it, you’ll likely be disappointed 

it’s not there.

These watches are well waterproofed. They both same waterproof certification 

that makes them fit for the pool.It’s lighter to wear in the water with accuracy 

on a par with a more dedicated sports watch.

In the screen department, Samsung does not disappoint whether 

you go Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Watch Active. Yes, the one on the 

Active is smaller, but it’s still a gorgeous AMOLED touchscreen display.

 If you want a bigger AMOLED display to get your hands on, go for the 

Galaxy Watch, but you’ll be well served here whichever one you choose.

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