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Why desktops are given advanced stage of laptops? why would you need a desktop PC or MAC while having a laptop? Simply a huge body, with computing comfort. 

There are some computing tasks which cannot be fulfilled by laptops and tablets, at that time we will require Desktop PCs or MAC.They may provide results in faster speed on which you are working, then mobile sized computers like laptops and tablets.

Desktop based CPUs and processors are simply more powerful than laptops.

Therefore prices also goes further with desktop components, So instead of buying a $500 laptop with an Intel Core i3 processor installed 

you an buy a $500 desktop with a powerful Intel Core i5 desktop CPU build in, and smaller size of dedicated graphics card installed.

We can find two types of desktops in the market 

  • Built in desktop screen and CPU.
  • There is external connection between display and CPU.
  • We can get larger screen size  with Desktops but not in laptop,

 which has top display size of 18 inch. We can expand and desktop can accommodate multiple graphics card to support high resolution

frame rates for gaming in computer.

Buying a desktop gives you physical control over computer.

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Which OS:

 There are two types of computers in the market one is MAC by Apple which supports MACOS, and other one is Windows

they are used by many companies to manufacture Desktops and laptops.

Windows 10 is the latest software in the terms of Windows OS. 

Windows are the Operating System on which many users rely on, Windows have best and widest selection of third party software.

MACOS Mojave is the latest software in terms of macOS. 

If you have an Apple ecosystem in household then Desktop based on macOS is best option where it can pair

with every household devices like iPhone and iPad with all your iTunes purchases and subscription,

and lets you receive any message on iMessage from iCloud account.

Google also has its own PC operating system known as Chrome OS.

Many applications designed for windows and macOS are also compatible with Chrome OS vision also. 

Many android based apps from Google Play Store can also run on chrome OS powered PC.

Laptops running on Chrome OS are also known as Chromebooks.

The Chromebooks are tine inexpensive laptops with small amount of memory and storage.

Linus is more like do it yourself OS, where you have to rely on your own facilities for installation and sourcing program.

Chrome OS, macOS and Windows are an easier choice if you want to simply buy a desktop

And start using it right away.

Which type of desktop is required?

If you just want to do normal jobs on desktop like surf the internet, write documents, make a spreadsheets,

then an entry level desktop will be fine to go with.

In this choice you will have to make compromises with graphics power, RAM and storage compared to high end desktop in the market.

But you wont be paying cost not more than $600. You will find a wide selection of different processor from the budget

Intel Celeron and Pentium CPUs upto more powerful (expensive) Intel Core i3 or Core i5 AMD Rygen 3 or Rygen 5 processor.

You should look with minimum of 4GB Ram installed, almost all desktops have Ram of 4GB.

If you are limiting to very compact work you can also use 2GB of Ram.

Mid range desktops will be more functional than entry level desktops thanks for more CPU power and speed, more RAM installed,

with a large builtin screen.

Mid range Desktops can last for at least 5 yrs for a demanding user. 

Machines are using Intel Core i5 or AMD Rygen 5 processor , along with 8GB to 16GB of memory and

there is use of ROM of 1TB or 256GB Solid-State-Deive (SSD) storage.

There are some desktops offering SSD and hard drive which are used for

program memory and mass memory simultaneously.

High end desktops offers tops of the line components, it can give you all the power which you can require

for multimedia projects like video editing, photo editing and many more, huge amount of storage 1TB, 2TB or more,

they can be support of 3D graphics for gaming.

These high performance machine typically starts at $1,500 and can easily go up to $5000 and more.

They use Intel Core i7 or AMD Rygen 7 CPU for their base model only, and very highest 

end fully loaded with systems are based on Intel Core X-Series and AMD Threadripper processor.

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