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Every day Google comes with an Algorithm Update. Due to which the rankings of Sites are going up and down. Due to these latest SEO updates, many sites get exposed. Today, I will tell you some similar algorithms of Google, due to which the band of many bloggers is huge. Let’s start.

So far, many Google algorithms have come up, such as Google Panda, Pirate, Rank Brain, etc. But which are 2 major algorithms Google Panda and Penguin main updates? Let us know step by step about all the updates.

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These updates will prove to be very fatal for those sites which do bad link-building. Like making lots of spammy comments, taking links from irrelevant sites, etc. This site has given great effect to all black hat works.

Mainly, it hit Algorithm OFF-site SEO Practices. If you want to avoid this algorithm. So, you should always create high-quality backlinks.

 What does GOOGLE PENGUIN like?

As I told you, Google Panda likes high-quality backlinks only. so, always make those links. that, be in the middle of content.

The website giving link should be high-quality.


To protect your site with Google Penguin, you should keep your link profile good. And follow the steps below.

Buying Backlinks: Buying and selling Link is against Google Webmaster Guidelines. You, leave this job.

Link Diversity: If you are creating backlinks on the same anchor text. So, Penguin will hit you for sure. So, you make your links in this ratio.

50% Branded Links

20% Naked links

20% Phrase Links

5% LSI

4% Generic

1% Exact match domain

Low Content Link: If you have got a backlink from any content, whose quality is not good, then it will pass negative link juice. Which will reduce the ranking?.


  To recover from Google Penguin, you have to disavow them by finding your bad links.

The sites above which were very thin content, duplicate content. Those sites were hit by Google panda. This reduced his ranking. Thousands of websites got penalized after the arrival of this update.

For example, Google Penguin audits the OFF PAGE SEO of the website. Similarly, Google audits the on-page factors of the Panda website.


If Google talks about Panda. So, he hates the things written below.

Duplicate content

Plagiarism. – (Copied Content)

Thin content. (Low quality)

Keyword stuffing (Repeating a keyword many times).

To many Grammar mistakes.

Poor user experience.

Too many advertisements.

Affiliate links are not NoFollow.

Slow Website.

websites with so many outbound links.

Over-optimization. (Black hat SEO)

Broken links. (404 Error links)

So, you have to take all these factors into consideration, you have to create your website. You can also use Broken Link checker tools to check Broken links.

If unfortunately, Google Panda punishes your website. So, give your website above, optimize with factors, and reply for review.


Google humming-bird update was launched in August 2013. It was created keeping in mind the intentions of the users. A new thing in this was that, If 2 people are typing the same keywords, then different results were shown according to their results.

For example

If I search on Google, mostly SEO related. So, if I do “Humming Bird” on Google, then I will get the same results related to the Google Hummingbird update.

Similarly, if a normal user searches for “Humming Bird”, then he will find related articles about a bird named Humming Bird.

If you want to make your website a Humming Bird. So, you have to do audience research along with content research.


Pigeon Update was launched in 2014. Mainly, it was very beneficial for local business sites. Because it used to show results by location.

For example, if I search, “Hotels Near me”

So, I will get the list of hotels near me. This is the work of this algorithm.

If you are a local business, then you can follow these steps.

List your website in local listings like Google My Business.

Take positive reviews in local listings.

Add location-based content to your website.

Add a GEO meta tag to your website.


Pay-Day Loan was launched on 11 June 2013. This algorithm gave P * rm, Casino, Virus, etc. Wanted sites to be hit. After the arrival of this update nothing much effect came. In this update, some black-hat Tactics were also patched by google.

Simply, those blogs also got outrank. Those who used cracked themes.

3 versions of Pay-Day Loan have been launched so far.

1. Pay-Day Loan 1.0

2. Pay-Day Loan 2.0

3. Pay-Day Loan 3.0


To recover from this, you have to find the virus of your website, remove it, for which you can use the online website scanner.

How would you like it if a website becomes open in front of you, whose design is not responsive? You will get very angry

Responsive design means that the website should be designed such that it lent itself according to the user’s device.

Keeping this in mind for the users, Google Mobile friendly update was launched. In this, sites whose design was not responsive were dropped.


You have understood the problem. So, you must have come to know its solution also,

You have to make your website responsive.

In addition, you should also work on the speed of your website. Because according to research, more than 50% of the website’s mobile phone has a slow load.


Google Pirate Update August 2012, launched. In this update, hit the websites which had copyrighted material like Movie Downloading sites etc. Basically, this update works with the DMCA.


Google Fred Update 8 was launched in March 2017. This update hit those sites which had a lot of low-quality content and the sites were created just to earn money.

According to the Search Engine Land Statement, this update has reduced traffic to 50% to 90% of websites. The only way to avoid this update is to produce high-quality content.



Speaking of 2012, if you had a keyword in your domain. Half of your work was the same and he used to rank easily.

Many sites used to rank the first position with a low-quality content with a Keyword-rich domain name.

After seeing all this, Google launched the EMD update. In which if your site is on Exact Match Domain, and the quality of your content is not good, then Google will penalize you.


 Google Broad Core Algorithm was launched on 12 March 2019. This is a confirmed update. According to Google’s official statement,

Our guidance about such updates remains as evidence covered before.

– Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) March 13, 2019

      This update hit those websites, whose quality of content is thin, and bad backlinks have been made on their website.

        This update hit those websites, whose quality of content is thin, and bad backlinks have been made on their website.

In case of backlinks, if your PBN has created backlinks, or if the anchor text of your backlinks has been over-optimized, then this is your alarm is.

If you have written high-quality content on your blog, backlinking is completely high-quality, then worry you safe.

How to avoid Google Broad Core Algorithm

   The title and description of your article should be completely clean and clean. There should not be copyrighted content or scraped content on top of your website.

There should not be thin content on top of your website. Content should have at least 800 words. Must use an SSL Certificate on your website.

You should focus on the quality of backlinks more than the number of backlinks.

If you want to read A to Z about all Algorithm updates, then you can read above Moz.com.


Whenever the new Google Algorithm arrives, your website’s ranking is UP

 Will be. Due to which your organic traffic can also be zero. So, you just have to build your audience by using this organic traffic

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