ktechky What is a VPN, how to use on mobile and computer

This post is about what VPN is and how it works and how to use on mobile and computer etc.

The need for VPN i.e. Virtual Private Network has increased very much today with the advancement of the Internet. Today, every day there are reports of cyber blackmailing and fraud.

We need to use it to avoid such attacks. This usage becomes more important when you are using a public network such as wifi.

IT is easily available today for our mobile, tablet and PC. Some of which are free and some are Paid.

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VPN is mostly used in for

1- Cyber Security

2- By-passing country restriction on sites (to access restricted sites in the country)

The most important is to provide securely encrypted by the VPN. In this post, we will learn about every aspect of it in detail.

What is a VPN?

It is a software in which you use the Internet by creating a private tunnel on any network (private or public wifi).

VPN is a virtual private network, ie any chat, messaging, internet surfing etc. is done by it, it is exchanged in a private data form ie Encrypted form.

Due to data being encrypted, even if hackers hack that data, they cannot read it by any means. Thus our browsing is safe.

In this way, the security and privacy of users’ data remain.

They are mostly used to protect sensitive data in large corporate sites, government sites. Which was the initial reason for creating the VPN.

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How VPN works?

VPN companies provide an IP address on their behalf and hide your IP address.

In this way, you are browsing the Internet on their IP address, but they have your IP address.

Now consider it as such,

For example, there is a website called XYZ which is banned in Dubai (UAE) ie Illegal is illegal in Dubai where it is illegal. But there is no ban in America.

Now whenever that user enters the URL of that XYZ in his browser from anywhere in Dubai, the ISP will provide the user with internet service. Because that ISP will know that it is Dubai’s IP address.


So to access this site a citizen of Dubai will activate VPN service on their mobile or computer.

During activation, he will choose his country in which the site is not banned, that is, America will choose.

Now that VPN company will provide him with an IP address of his American server, which he has to choose by clicking automatically.

Now a Dubai citizen’s VPN will successfully connect to its US server.

After that, the user will leave the VPN application open in the background and come to their home screen.

Now when that user enters the URL of the site named XYZ from his browser. then the ISP (Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc.) of the user will check the IP address of the user, then he will be from Dubai but he will understand that it is going to America and Will let him go four.

Because whatever the user searches, even though he is in Dubai, his network will behave only through Via America. So it will be of America because the VPN company will show the IP of America instead of the user’s original IP. Thus, he will be browsing on the net as an American citizen.

And in this way, they will be able to access the site.

Since the VPN’s data flows in an encrypted form, Dubai’s ISP will only work to transmit the data to the citizen of Dubai.

But where and what he is getting the original data, he will not know.

However, for the information, let me tell you that in the UAE, VPN should not be used for illegal activities, otherwise there you may have to pay crores of rupees.

Free VPN vs Paid VPN

Nothing is completely free in the digital world. For this, you have to give something in one form or the other. like-

If you want to use free it only for test, then try it of good companies.

In this, you will get only a little data to use but there is no worry about privacy.

Nand in Free VPN you get PPTP VPNs protocol whose security layer is weak. In the paid version, you get protocols like L2TP, SSTP, SSH which is quite secure.

Whereas in the Android market you will find many apps and software which are absolutely free. But they can also sell your privacy i.e. personal details to the third party.

Therefore, our suggestion is to try and choose Paid Apps i.e. Premium services and remain Tension free.

VPN for Mobile

There are many free VPN apps available on the Google Play Store for Android users. Some of which are free and quite well such as-

– Opera VPN – It is available for all three Android, Windows and Mac. For Windows and Mac, you will have to go to its official site and download it. (opera dot com)

– Free VPN can also be used, this is also a good VPN for Android.

– Turbo VPN is also good, its rating is also good.

– If you want to use Paid VPN after testing, then Express VPN, Nord VPN is a very good option for this.

VPN for Computer

VPNs exist for Windows but offer slightly fewer features than Android.

After all the good it. is a software use some data, the end of their free subscription and then you have to buy the premium offer.

There are also good apps in this list which are as follows-

Opera- Yes Opera’s developer software for PC is better and completely free. But you will find it only in Opera’s browser.

And if you want to use Paid, then you can use Express VPN.


In this post, we learned what a VPN is and how it works. The conclusion of this post is that it is very important in today’s era. But at the same time take this caution whenever you choose User Trusted and Premium company’s service. You can also read this English post for more information.

Friends! We hope that this post of yours has proved useful to you. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments. Also, share this post on your friends and social media.

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  • December 27, 2019 at 1:01 PM

    In UAE, not only you should be warry of “illegal” sites, but the use of VPN is kind of illegal. So you should really avoid using free VPNs as they often leak your IP. Something like NordVPN would be the better choice, as long as I’ve used it – not a single leak there, so far I’m good.


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