What is Big Data ?

What do you mean by DATA?

The values, Characters or Symbols on which are used different operations are performed by a computer, which can be processed, stored and it is transmitted. Into the different form of electrical signals. So what does Big Data mean?

What do you mean by Big Data?

Nowadays we have huge processing systems, which is too large for this basic information available. Therefore it requires a large volume of Semi-structured, unstructured and Structured Data. These types of information are used in machine learning, Augmented Reality projects, etc nowadays.

In short, it is also information but in huge size, like a SUMO wrestler compared to a normal wrestler. it is so huge that no traditional management tools are able to process and perform efficiently.

There are Three Vs of Big Data

Volume: It has the Number of information matters as it has a huge volume of functions and methods to run an operation. This can be data of infinite values such as Twitter, Facebook feed or clickstreams on a webpage. It can hold the size of tens of terabytes of information.

Velocity: Velocity means the rate at which information is received and processed and analyzed on it.

It is updated on real or near real-time basis, compared with daily, weekly or monthly updates in the data warehouse

Variety: It refers to nig amount of information which is available. In the rise of Big Data, they are usually coming in unstructured data types

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The History

The concept of Big Data is new, the origin for the large data was started the 1960s and 70s. It was the time when the world of information was just starting and the development of the relational database.

By seeing how much information did the users generated through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other online services. In 2005 people began to realize the changes which were acquired through a large amount of information used by online services.


Development of Big Data is done by the use of open-source frameworks such as Hadoop, which was essential for the growth of it because they make information easier to work and cheaper to store.

Advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT)

By using IoT more objects and devices are connected through the help of internet. It caries information of customers and their usage patterns.

While it has come this far, its usefulness is just at beginning mode. Cloud computing as expanded at a great means nowadays. Which is truly elastic scalability in nature. 

How it is stored and processed?

Handling of Big Data imposes a unique demand on computing infrastructure. The power required for quick process and store can bury down the single server or may lead to the server cluster. The organization should use an adequate amount of processing capacity. To process the information at a required velocity.

Hundreds and thousands of server are required to process the information in a clustered architecture. To achieving that velocity at a cost-effective manner is also challenging for the organization. Many organization is investing in an extensive server which will help them to bear the load of Big Data.

How does it work?

It works in three main actions Integrity, Manage and Analyze.

Integrity: It brings information from various sources and application. Generally the information is an integration mechanism such as extract, transform, and load. During integration information are brought and processed. It and made sure that is in the format which can be used by a business analyst.

Manage : It requires a good amount of storage it can be on the cloud, on-premises or both. We can store data in any form we want. Due to the management of Big Data cloud storage is on the boom.

Analyze: When you act and analyze your data investment it pays off. You can get clarity on your Data sets


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