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If you are a smartphone user then you must have heard about the iPhone. Due to the higher price of iPhone’s as compared to Android smartphones, they are used more by actors and people from higher-income groups.

Do you want to know what is the iPhone? How are iPhones different from Android smartphones. If you are an iPhone fan and want to get other information related to the iPhone, then you are reading the right article. Because in this article, what do we have an iPhone? Many things related to its history are going to be known.

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What is iPhone –

 In simple words, iPhones are smartphones that work on the iOS mobile operating system just like Android. iOS is a type of Darwin system found in Mac OS.

iPhone to Apple Inc. Has been developed by. Whose boss is the famous “Steve Jobs”. The first generation iPhone was launched on 29 June 2007. It was a GSM phone. In which 2 models (4GB internal storage and 8 GB internal storage) were launched.

The 4GB model was priced at $ 499 while the 8GB model was made available for $ 599. Eleven generations have since been launched by Apple. And all these smartphones use the iOS mobile operating system. Along with this, the main feature of the iPhone is that it integrates iPod, computer and smartphone into a single device.

Generally, just like an Android smartphone, we can use video, music, GPS, Wi-Fi, web browsing etc. features in the iPhone as well. It is important to know here that the iPhone’s operating system is different from the Android Operating System. So the App Store is available on iOS devices just like the Play Store. From where you can install favourite apps on the smartphone. In the year 2017, the app store had more than 22 million apps.

 Due to the popularity and high price of the iPhone worldwide, most people prefer to buy them. Today, the iPhone has made a special identity in the world of smartphones. Today, due to the quality and rich look of iPhones, the meaning of Apple has changed from ‘Apple’ to ‘Smartphone’.

History of iPhone – 

Apple Inc. Is an American company. Which launched the first iPhone on 29 June 2007. But Apple started the development of making the iPhone in the year 2004. And after launching the first iPhone, iPhone 3Gs was released in 22 countries.

Apple Inc. 3G network support added to iPhone 3Gs. So that the internet speed can be improved while browsing the web. Along with this, better hardware, larger display resolution and front camera were also made available in the iPhone 3GS.

The iPhone 4S was launched in the market with better hardware and Voice Assistant feature than the 3Gs. In the year 2013, Apple launched iPhone 5s. Which added better hardware function and fingerprint reader feature than the 4S.

Similarly, the iPhone 7 and 7Plus were launched in 2016 after launching the iPhone 6s the following year, which became quite popular. Because of the iPhone 7 features higher graphics, better system and water resistance. And after that Apple also provided high-quality, attractive features in the smartphone launched by the company and with the launch of new models, their price also increased.

What are the differences between Android and iOS operating systems.

1. Hardware and Model

We know Apple Inc. Manufactures all iPhones themselves. Due to which their quality, design and hardware / software capabilities are very good. But on the other hand Google gives this right to many manufacturer companies to make Android smartphones. Due to which smartphones of various companies are available in the market. But its disadvantage is that,

“Often many Android mobile manufacturer companies launch low quality smartphone models in the market at a low price for the sale of their product. Which adversely affects the quality and reliability of Android smartphones. “

It has often been seen that the performance of the new Android smartphone is excellent. But with time, the speed of functioning of the phone starts decreasing. On the other hand, due to the great build quality of the iPhone, they can be used with full speed without changing them for many years.

The battery is an important part of any smartphone. If we talk about the battery backup of Android smartphone, at the present time, based on the battery backup capacity of the smartphone of many new models, we can easily use Android phone for 2-3 days without charging the phone. On the other hand, the battery-backup capability of iPhones is also better suited for a shorter time than Android.

2. Customization

We can make any phone beautiful by customizing it as needed. With the convenience of Android smartphones, you can completely change the phone’s theme, wallpaper and many other things. But on the other hand this feature is not provided in the iPhone. Due to which it is difficult to customize the phone.

But, if we talk about security, because of the customized settings and features in Android smartphones, there is a possibility of malware, viruses etc. in the smartphone. On the other hand, due to the high security in iPhones, the devices are completely safe and work Smooth & Fast.

3. Update

The information about the updates in the new version of Apple is passed on to every iOS. Because of which it is easy for users to upgrade the version. But on the other hand, though Google is constantly improving the Android system and keeps on updating from time to time. But it has been seen that the new version of Android, like the iPhone, is not reported in all Android smartphones.

After all, why are Apple Smartphones used by people?

Yes, due to the low price of other operating system devices at the present time, their quality has been affected. But iPhones are made to iPhone with high-quality content. Because of Apple Inc. Does not compromise the quality of any of its products. Because of which people like to buy an iPhone even at higher prices.

Due to the attractive look of the iPhone, the company’s logo and the expensive price, people in developing countries like India consider buying these devices is reputable.

If you use Apple products like Mac, iPad, then iPhone as a smartphone may be a better option for you. Because with this you can monitor the activities of a device by connecting one iOS device to another based on the facility provided by the company.

People believe that iPhones work longer than Android, due to which people prefer to buy iPhones.

Due to the great camera quality of the iPhone, people also like to use it. Because the Apple company do pays more attention to quality rather than its features. Compared to Android smartphones, the camera quality of the iPhone is made great due to which the best photo can be clicked even in low megapixels.

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