ktechky What is the Internet of Things (IoT), and its work?

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? In this age of the internet, you will be well aware of the devices running on the internet. As far as the matter of Internet of Things (IoT) is concerned, you must have heard this term somewhere or the other. Since almost all of us use the Internet, in such a situation we must keep information about the Internet of Things (IoT).

At the speed with which technology is bringing new things to the people, we should not remain ignorant of those inventions. Imagine what the world would be like when every one of your devices connected to the Internet,

And all of them would complete your work by exchanging data with each other. Let’s understand this in detail, what is the Internet of Things (IoT)? how does it work? what is it used for?

If all the everyday devices (devices) are combined with the Internet, then it is called the Internet of Things (IoT). Let’s understand it this way.

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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

How many such devices are there in your house which are connected with the internet. Your laptop, smartphone, router, tablet, etc. can be connected to the internet. Apart from this, you can also have smart devices like smartTV, temperature monitor, security cameras in your home.

In such a situation, we are using new devices every day, which can be connected to the Internet. Now all these devices which are connected through the Internet, jointly or it’s family are called the Internet of Things (IoT).

You must have already used the internet on your mobile, in that you will be using Google, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. But the Internet of Things (IoT) is a little different from that. In this, physical devices are connected to the internet with their smart features. Who keeps doing automatic work for you.

Let me try to explain it to you through some examples: –

The first example, you are on your way and suddenly your car is an accident (god damn it, just for example) and the GPS in your vehicle sends a signal to the local police station in that area.

In which the GR (grid reference) of your location is given. The signal sent by the GPS of your vehicle is immediately received by the same technology present at the police station there. And to help you, the police immediately reach the place of the accident. And thus help you.

The second example, today you had to go to the office in a hurry, you left for office but in a hurry, all the doors of the house, lights, etc. were left open. Now in such a situation, the device installed in your house sends you a message that I have closed all the doors and lights of the house. As soon as you return to the house, press this switch, all the doors and lights will be on.

Now the third example, today it is hot. In such a situation, you have left home from the office. And you want your room’s AC to be on before reaching home. And let the room cool down. So wherever you are, you can give commands to your device. And thus you can turn on AC from the same and let it cool down before reaching your room.

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Origin of Internet of Things (IoT): –

The concept of the (IoT) originated by first connecting the Coke Vending Machine to the Internet at Carnegie Mellon University. It was the first internet-connected device in itself.

The term IoT was first invented in 1999 by Kevin Ashton of P&G, which later became MIT’s Auto-ID Center. The research article written about the Internet of Things (IoT) was first presented at the Nordic Researchers’ Conference in Norway in June 2002. From the year 2008-09, it came into more discussion.

Which type of device can you connect with IoT: –

You can use IoT devices by connecting them with many devices that are used every day.

Most IoT devices are designed for consumer use. Such as Connected Vehicles, Home Automation, Wearable Technology, Internet Connected Health devices, etc.

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IoT devices are specifically designed on the concept of smart homes. Which includes lights, air conditioning, security system, etc. An important aspect of this is that it will automatically turn off your lights. You can also save more and more energy by this.

As far as commercial use is concerned, IoT devices are also used in medical and health care. It is used for patient data collection, research, monitoring, etc. Through this device, you can easily monitor the patient remotely.

Large hospitals in this area are also preparing smart beds. So that the patient can be easily monitored.

All the technology mentioned above is possible only when you connect the devices to the Internet. Connecting devices to the Internet means that the device will use the IP Address as an identifier. Since IoT has a wider future, it will have to use IPV6. Because the limited address in IPv4 allows only about 4.3 billion separate addresses. And this is why IPV6’s contribution to the successful development of IoT will be proved.

Like every technology and innovation has its advantages and disadvantages. In the same way, the Internet of Things (IoT) also has some advantages and some disadvantages. Let’s take a look at him.

Benefits of IoT: –

As you may have understood from the above example of how IoT will make your life easier. A device that will complete the task as you need it. So any boon for the IoT logo may not work in the coming days. This will not only save your time but will also be able to do many things simultaneously.

Disadvantages of IoT: –

As far as the loss of this technology is concerned, you can say that the biggest disadvantage of this technology is about safety. How secure the internet is, it is not hidden from us. Most of the crime is being done today through the Internet. In such a situation, it is safe to say that connecting every device in the house to the Internet is safe. Amidst the rising incidence of cybercrime, more friendships with this technology may also be costly.

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